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Mar 2, 2021
Crespo, Leonardo; Howard, Reka; Singh, Ravi; Mondal, Suchismita; Juliana, Philomin; Jarquin, Diego; Crossa, Jose, 2021, "Replication Data for: Allocation of wheat lines in sparse testing for genome-based multi-environment prediction",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Sparse testing can be used in plant breeding and genome-based prediction. In sparse testing not all of the lines are sown in all environments. The phenotypic and genotypic data files provided in this dataset were used to execute an analysis of three general cases of the compositi...
Feb 18, 2021
Longmei, Ningthaipuilu; Gill, G. K.; Zaidi, P.H.; Kumar, R.; Nair, S. K.; Hindu, V.; Vinayan, M.T.; Vikal, Y., 2021, "Replication Data for: Genome wide association mapping for heat tolerance in sub-tropical maize",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Heat tolerance is becoming increasingly important for maize grown in the spring season in India because heat stress can lead to devastating yield loss. The genotypic data provided in this dataset were used to carry out GWAS analyses on 662 doubled haploid lines to identify SNPs s...
Feb 12, 2021
Montes, Carlo; Schulthess, Urs, 2021, "Daily weather data for International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN) locations based on AgERA5",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Daily weather data from 1979 to 2019. The variables included are precipitation (mm), relative humidity max, relative humidity min, short wave radiation (MJ/m2/d), temperature max (°C), temperature min (°C), vapor pressure deficit max (kPa), wind speed 2m (m/s) and wind speed 10m...
Jan 31, 2021
Molnar, Terence; Carvalho Andrade, Marcela; Burgueño, Juan; Crossa, Jose; Petroli, César; Hearne, Sarah; Chepetla Calderon, Daniel; Rodriguez Chanona, Enrique; Velazquez, Manuel; Sifuentes, Ernesto; Vidal, Victor; Moreno-Retis, Carlos; Moreno-Retis, Jose; Martinez, Ramon; Ruiz, Marcelo; Corteva, 2021, "Evaluation of maize pre-breeding materials under the Seeds of Discovery initiative in 2018",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
These data describe the evaluation of landrace-derived pre-breeding materials for biotic and abiotic stress resistance as well as for blue maize production in 2018. Populations of interest for drought stress during flowering time, heat stress during flowering time, Tar Spot toler...
Jan 25, 2021
Roy, Chandan; Gahtyari, Navin C.; He, Xinyao; Mishra, Vinod K; Chand, Ramesh; Joshi, Arun K; Singh, Pawan K, 2021, "Replication Data for: Spot blotch and marker data for BARTAI x CIANOT79 (BC) and CASCABEL x CIANOT79 (CC) populations",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Phenotypic and genotypic data of BARTAI x CIANOT79 (BC) and CASCABEL x CIANOT79 (CC) populations, for QTL mapping on spot blotch resistance
Jan 14, 2021
Juliana, Philomin; Singh, Ravi Prakash; Poland, Jesse; Shrestha, Sandesh; Huerta-Espino, Julio; Govindan, Velu; Mondal, Suchismita; Crespo-Herrera, Leonardo Abdiel; Kumar, Uttam; Joshi, Arun Kumar; Payne, Thomas; Bhati, Pradeep Kumar; Tomar, Vipin; Consolacion, Franjel; Campos Serna, Jaime Amador, 2021, "Replication Data for: Elucidating the genetics of grain yield and stress-resilience in bread wheat using a large-scale genome-wide association mapping study with 55,568 lines",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V2
A large-scale genome-wide association study was carried out to dissect the genetic architecture of wheat grain yield potential and stress-resilience. Based on the findings, grain yield-associated marker profiles were generated for a large panel of 73,142 wheat lines and the grain...
Jan 3, 2021
Badu-Apraku, Baffour; Garcia-Oliveira, Ana Luísa; Petroli, César Daniel; Hearne, Sarah; Adeyemi Adewale, Samuel; Gedil, Melaku, 2020, "Replication Data for: Genetic diversity and population structure of early and extra-early maturing maize germplasm adapted to sub-Saharan Africa",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V2
DArTSeq SNPs were generated for 436 early and extra-early maturing maize inbreds developed by the IITA maize improvement program as well as three inbred maize lines developed by CIMMYT. SNP calling was done using a proprietary analytical pipeline developed by DArT P/L. The study...
Dec 21, 2020
Kokhmetova, Alma; Sehgal, Deepmala; Ali, Shaukat; Atishova, Makpal; Kumarbayeva, Madina; Leonova, Irina; Dreisigacker, Susanne, 2020, "Replication Data for: Genome-wide association study of tan spot resistance in a hexaploid wheat collection from Kazakhstan",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
The genotypic data included in this dataset were generated using DArTseq by the SAGA genotyping laboratory in Mexico. The dataset contains 8,154 SNPs on candidate varieties from Kazakhstan and those released by CIMMYT-ICARDA-IWWIP program. These were evaluated for tan spot resist...
Dec 19, 2020
Molnar, Terence; Willcox, Martha; Burgueño, Juan; Montiel Gomez, Noel O.; Sifuentes, M.C. Ernesto; Vidal, Victor A., 2016, "Evaluation of Maize Landraces for Drought Tolerance in 2014",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V2, UNF:6:Yy9whjqs4RtvYuop4qvxcg== [fileUNF]
Dec 11, 2020
Camarillo-Castillo, Fatima; Huggins, Trevis D.; Mondal, Suchismita; Reynolds, Matthew; Tilley, Michael; Hays, Dirk B., 2020, "Replication Data for: High-resolution spectral information enables phenotyping of leaf epicuticular wax in wheat",, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Current limitations on phenotyping EW restrict the integration of this secondary trait into wheat breeding pipelines. In this study we evaluated the application of high-resolution spectral information as a proxy estimate of the trait and developed an efficient indirect method for...
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