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Plain Text - 712 bytes - MD5: 62bc2d953822fb25e99a1f6a1db5bce7
Protocol references
References for GBS and imputation protocols
File - 465.5 KB - MD5: 4ef1d6725002b32ed28c9e7771152646
Best linear unbiased predictions based on phenotypic measurements for one season
File - 763.0 KB - MD5: d527d43b08ad13c738e7b1459ff786bd
Fieldbook / Libro de Campo
Original raw phenotypic data from the trial. Data time related to flowering time should not be used for analyses as there was a technical problem with the collection of these data.
File - 37.0 KB - MD5: 1ab31975f2fd6acda6d7ba3fdbfa2b82
Field map / Mapa de campo
Field layout for trial
File - 41.0 KB - MD5: aea64475fb23b32ef2e1d559c3d897fe
Germplasm and DNA Sample IDs
A file that links the testcross modified hybrids used in the phenotypic experiment with their parents and the DNA samples associated with their male genebank accession parent
File - 21.3 KB - MD5: ddf5a5b092b64b81f8e501844eaef64e
Management sheet / Hoja de manejo
Field management sheet in Spanish / Hoje de manejo en español
File - 20.2 KB - MD5: 607b05e928df5b890862d2e106405a2f
Management sheet / Hoja de manejo
Fertilizer regimen in Spanish / Programa de Fertilizacion en español
File - 1.8 MB - MD5: ba47f67927785b62c9e8ca1a698002ce
Final report / reporte final
Final report in Spanish / Reporte final en español
File - 1.6 MB - MD5: ea013d21ab41f20c642daf4ad973a3d9
Protocol / Protocolo
Protocol for scoring Tar Spot resistance on a scale of 1-5
File - 12.6 KB - MD5: 99858d5430115cd0694fc2ec225f299c
Protocol / Protocolo
Additional details related to Tar Spot scoring in this trial
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