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Dataset / Software
Aug 4, 2019 - CIMMYT Research Data
Verhulst, Nele; Fonteyne, Simon; Martinez Gamiño, Miguel-Angel; Saldivia Tejeda, Abel, 2019, "Long-term tillage and residue management experiment in San Luis Potosí, Mexico", hdl:11529/10548248, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1, UNF:6:IoKHUBaC8wFwyZ40ygz99g==
An experiment initiated in 1996 in the highlands of the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, evaluated different tillage methods and levels of soil cover under permanent raised beds for their effects on yield, profitability, and soil quality in an irrigated, summer maize- winter oat...
Dataset / Software
Jun 20, 2019 - CIMMYT Seeds of Discovery
Li, Jing; Chen, Guo-Bo; Rasheed, Awais; Li, Delin; Sonder, Kai; Zavala Espinosa, Cristian; Wang, Jiankang; Costich, Denise E.; Schnable, Patrick S.; Hearne, Sarah; Li, Huihui, 2019, "Replication Data for: Identifying loci with breeding potential across temperate and tropical adaptation via EigenGWAS and EnvGWAS", hdl:11529/10548183, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
This dataset contains the genotypic data obtained using genotyping-by-sequencing (tGBS®) technology (Data2Bio LLC) and the passport data of a total of 1,143 maize accessions, which were collected from 20 countries, including 11 teosinte inbred lines, 764 landraces sampled from th...
Dataset / Software
Apr 9, 2019 - CIMMYT Seeds of Discovery
Aguirre-Liguori, Jonás A.; Gaut, Brandon S.; Jaramillo-Correa, Juan Pablo; Tenaillon, Maud I.; Montes-Hernández, Salvador; García-Oliva, Felipe; Hearne, Sarah J. ; Eguiarte, Luis E. , 2019, "Replication Data for: Divergence with gene flow is driven by local adaptation to temperature and soil phosphorus concentration in teosinte subspecies (Zea mays parviglumis and Zea mays mexicana)", hdl:11529/10548175, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Dartseq data were used to analyze the demographic history of teosintes, and also identify SNPs under selection to bioclimatic and soil variables (pH, phosphorus and nitrogen concentration in the soil).
Dataset / Software
Mar 21, 2019 - CIMMYT Research Data
CIMMYT Global Maize Program, 2015, "CIMMYT Maize Lines (CMLs) - Pedigree and characterization data", hdl:11529/10246, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V10
CIMMYT has periodically announced CIMMYT Maize Lines (CMLs). CMLs are carefully selected inbred lines with good general combining ability and a significant number of value-adding traits such as drought tolerance, N use efficiency, acid soil tolerance, resistance to diseases, inse...
Dataset / Software
Dec 31, 2018 - CIMMYT Seeds of Discovery
Molnar, Terence; Carvalho Andrade, Marcela; Burgueño, Juan; Crossa, Jose; Velazquez, Manuel; Trachsel, Samuel; Sifuentes, Ernesto; Vidal, Victor ; Fuentes, Mario; Dupont-Pioneer; Mezzalama, Monica; Costich, Denise; Hearne, Sarah, 2018, "Evaluation of maize landraces and pre-breeding materials under the Seeds of Discovery initiative in 2016", hdl:11529/10548163, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
These data describe the evaluation of landraces and landrace-derived pre-breeding materials for biotic and abiotic stress resistance as well as for general yield potential in 2016. Populations and accessions of interest for terminal drought and Tar Spot tolerance were evaluated f...
Dataset / Software
Jun 14, 2018 - CIMMYT Seeds of Discovery
Hearne, Sarah; Sonder, Kai; Wilson, Julien, 2018, "SeeD GWAS Panel Accession Collection Site GIS-Derived Environmental Data", hdl:11529/10548079, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Historic accession collection site environmental data derived from CRU and other data resources.
Dataset / Software
Apr 17, 2018 - CIMMYT Research Data
Banchayehu, A; Chamberlin, J; Craufurd, P; Belemi, T; Gurumu, G, 2018, "TAMASA Ethiopia. Agronomy Panel Survey 2016. Household data: Meher production and inputs.", hdl:11529/2198058, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
APS consists of household- and plot-level data on 336 households in maize-growing areas of Jimma and Bako zones. This dataset consists of information about Meher production and inputs in 2016. dataset variables observations characterstics_all_plots_2016 18 2504 production_and_fam...
Dataset / Software
Feb 7, 2018 - CIMMYT Seeds of Discovery
Molnar, Terence; Fuentes, Mario, 2018, "Evaluation of Maize Landraces and Related Pre-breeding Materials for Tar Spot Resistance in 2015", hdl:11529/10847, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1, UNF:6:J9ZYZVx1huHrIdQM9mgyMA==
This study provides phenotypic data from Tar Spot trials conducted in 2015 as part of the Seeds of Discovery / MasAgro Biodiversidad project.
Dataset / Software
Dec 11, 2017 - CIMMYT Research Data
J. Adewopo; H. Peter,; I. Mohammed; B. Shehu; A. Kamara, 2017, "TAMASA Nigeria. UAV and ground measurements in farmers' fields around Nutrient Omission Trials, 2016", hdl:11529/1303061, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
The dataset was obtained from farmers' fields covered during UAV flight mission at five locations (across 5 LGAs) within the TAMASA's focal states. The number of volunteer farmers are uneven across the LGAs. Five(5) quadrats of 2m X 2m were created within each farmers field for d...
Dataset / Software
Nov 7, 2017 - Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA) Research Data
Wasim Iftikar; Nabakishore Parida; Anurag Ajay, 2017, "Maize crop cut data from Odisha plateau", hdl:11529/11054, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V2
Maize crop cut data from farmer's field collected at Odisha plateau ecology.
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