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Tabular Data - 226.4 KB - 9 Variables, 5325 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:gewrcxumKoZSfVs7KdZqAA==
Dataset / Software
Feb 7, 2019 - CIMMYT Research Data
Global Wheat Program; IWIN Collaborators; Singh, Ravi; Payne, Thomas, 2018, "37th Elite Selection Wheat Yield Trial", hdl:11529/10548041, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V4
The Elite Selection Wheat Yield Trial (ESWYT) is a replicated yield trial that contains spring bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) germplasm adapted to Mega-environment 1 (ME1) which represents the optimally irrigated, low rainfall areas. Major stresses include leaf, stem and yellow...
application/x-7z-compressed - 81.5 KB - MD5: a1c7f21d3cc6d6fd5d1d87b6d7a10d99
Means of phenotypic data values for traits
application/x-7z-compressed - 70.5 KB - MD5: cf550ebec733b19b1fd15cd5b1eacd34
An empty Fieldbook designed for collecting trial data
MS Excel - 360.8 KB - MD5: 2569372b2897e21d1931f06ea87a3093
Agronomic information by location
MS Excel - 5.6 KB - MD5: a230b552bd80bd507c8e3d1b464b1ac9
List of genotypes included on the nursery
MS Excel - 695.5 KB - MD5: 65a24a57947e234020e12fe332e91f42
Means for Grain Yield by location
MS Excel - 7.5 KB - MD5: b0e50e2554bbb26aff911b8878e132a2
Institution, Cooperator and Location where the nurseries were evaluated
MS Excel - 3.1 MB - MD5: fafe402a13e080822cf60848fd92df6d
Means of phenotypic data values for traits across locations, arrangement by row
MS Excel - 8.0 MB - MD5: 11044874933e6ae2857dff4b90b76d0a
Phenotypic traits raw data for all locations
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