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Plain Text - 284.5 KB - MD5: 913c98da5bf5fc238b74d2d1a4c96e6b
Phenotypic Data
File containing phenotypic raw data for the DTP population evaluated under drought stressed conditions.
Plain Text - 416 bytes - MD5: 22caa86e2c34cb3f3ebb688bea4f84b4
2. General templates
Formato básico de un ensayo en KDSmart. Los nombres de las características de este archivo deben de ser iguales a los nombres del archivo de “Traits”.
Plain Text - 127 bytes - MD5: 8f10860d6d5df94a51a28d5c9ac2b9f2
2. General templates
Formato mínimo de un ensayo en KDSmart.
Plain Text - 392.4 MB - MD5: 6f2662b61f6762ed2d35db7c781187a7
Genotypic data
A filtered subset of 362008 of the unimputed SNPs are presented in hapmap format for 538 CML lines and 6 temperate US inbred lines.
Plain Text - 23.2 MB - MD5: f3170ed28af0409240991f3b6a1da534
Genotypic data
Plain Text - 279 bytes - MD5: d27a3d321ab21ebb4aed3b2482620ad2
1. May 2016 training files
File with a generic set of "tags" that can be loaded for any crop. Se puede descargar un archivo de “etiquetas” genéricas para cualquier cultivo.
Plain Text - 2.4 MB - MD5: f4ce95bf6dc033ceacb4cd31e40f803b
Plain Text - 39.0 KB - MD5: d2596b42d917e13f2e8edbd4998fa67e
Genotypic data
Original SNP calls from LGC in a sample by marker matrix representation.
Plain Text - 17.9 MB - MD5: d5243b95db712fd27972b4a92dae011f
Phenotypic database file
Basic information about the germplasm that were evaluated in the trials.
Plain Text - 260.3 KB - MD5: 03112145293ed572613e57e9c0606170
Germplasm information
Pedigree information for the materials analyzed in this study.
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