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MS Word (docx) - 358.0 KB - MD5: 02e60fff9e7c5c038887aa8a2dde15c8
This file has supplementary material of the article "The Relative Efficiency of Three Constrained Multistage Linear Phenotypic Selection Indices"
Plain Text - 3.0 MB - MD5: c695deaf5b0f2f632cf0b6e70116277c
HiBAP 35K Breeders Array Genotyping data. SNP id, chromosome, position and single base identifier. Homozygous calls only, heterozygous considered as missing data.
application/hdf5 - 157.6 KB - MD5: 0a89e800da124c61292bf715b14cf564
Converted data to HDF5 format for the Germinate Wheat Database
MS Excel (XLSX) - 310.2 KB - MD5: 1e18e3639779c4cf7c0cd8e3e5ec23f1
2-letter nucleotide SNPs call original matrix
Plain Text - 167.2 KB - MD5: f58953e24686e563a787094b601ba38c
Reformatted and transposed 1-letter nucleotide SNPs call matrix
ZIP Archive - 80.2 KB - MD5: 7a223f34c050eaa8930aa7c001729a9d
Phenotypic data collected in the field for IWYP39 in 2017 by the University of Adelaide. The data consist of phenotypic measurements for AVP1 and NAS2 single genes.
ZIP Archive - 74.3 KB - MD5: 294193b1df56036b5baa13e18ae60474
Glasshouse phenotypic data collected for IWYP39 in 2017 by the University of Adelaide. The glasshouse data consist of various phenotypic measurements taken periodically for AVP1, NAS2 and PSTOL1 single genes and pyramided lines.
ZIP Archive - 90.6 KB - MD5: eb978822de31014c69b8f6e15ed6592a
Climate data for the field trial provided by the Adelaide Airport, South Australia.
ZIP Archive - 9.6 KB - MD5: dc1af698b1d28542dc1a5e14ed22612b
Plant ID Nomenclature
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