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Dataset / Software
Oct 6, 2016
Dreisigacker, Susanne; Bonnett, David; Crossa, Jose; Poland, Jesse, 2016, "1st Semi-Arid Wheat Yield Trial Genotyping-by-sequencing data", hdl:11529/10380, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Dataset / Software
Sep 12, 2016
Cuevas, Jaime; Crossa, José; Montesinos-López, Osval Antonio; Burgueño, Juan; Pérez-Rodríguez, Paulino; Campos, Gustavo de los, 2016, "Bayesian genomic prediction with genotype × environment interaction kernel models", hdl:11529/10710, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
The phenomenon of genotype × environment (G×E) interaction in plant breeding decreases selection accuracy, thereby negatively affecting genetic gains. Several genomic prediction models incorporating G×E have been recently developed and used in genomic selection of plant breeding...
Dataset / Software
Nov 22, 2016
Sehgal, Deepmala, 2016, "C45IBWSN genotyped with Australia DArTSeq", hdl:11529/10479, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
The CIMMYT Global Wheat Program disseminates promising wheat breeding lines through screening nurseries and yield trials on a worldwide basis through a system known as the International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN). C45IBWSN was genotyped with Australia DArTSeq and phenotyped...
Dataset / Software
Jul 13, 2016
Zhang, Xuecai; Olsen, Michael, 2016, "CIMMYT Maize Line genotypic profiles generated through genotyping-by-sequencing", hdl:11529/10423, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
CIMMYT Maize Lines (CMLs) are the elite inbred lines released by CIMMYT to collaborators around the world and to the general puiblic each year. Genetic fingerprints of 538 CML lines were generated by genotyping-by-sequencing at the Genomic Diversity Facility at Cornell University...
Dataset / Software
Nov 9, 2016
Socioeconomics Program, 2016, "Documentación y revisión del proceso de implementación de los nodos de innovación (HUBs)", hdl:11529/10623, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V3
El concepto de HUB fue desarrollado en los 2000s por investigadores de CIMMYT que buscaban una solución a la baja adopción que sufría la Agricultura de Conservación (Sayre, 2006), pero ha evolucionado, alineándose a las teorías de sistemas de innovación. Este concepto fue operaci...
Dataset / Software
Nov 25, 2017
Thierfelder, Christian ; Mhlanga, Blessing, 2016, "Enhancing the adoption of animal traction conservation agriculture (CA) technologies in maize-based farming systems in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia", hdl:11529/10823, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V4, UNF:6:sk1daeLixFJ+bP2ZHZaZxA==
Crop yields in southern Africa are generally low compared to the world average and the average of developing regions. Thus, this calls for the identification of more sustainable strategies that are capable of increasing yields. Amongst the possible strategies is conservation agri...
Dataset / Software
Dec 8, 2016
Thierfelder, Christian, 2016, "Facilitating the widespread adoption of conservation agriculture in maize-based systems in Zambia", hdl:11529/10825, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V3
On-farm demonstration plots were set in Zambia to demonstrate the effects of conservation agriculture (CA) technologies as compared to the traditional farmers practice (ploughing with a mouldboard plough). The CA treatments included basins (BA), ripping (RI) and direct seeding wi...
Dataset / Software
Oct 6, 2016
Deepmala Sehgal; Susanne Dreisigacker; Savas Belen; Umran Kucukozdemir; Zafer Mert; Emel Ozer; Alexei Morgounov, 2016, "Genome wide association mapping for grain yield and stripe rust resistance genes in Turkish landraces", hdl:11529/10726, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V1
Turkish landraces were genotyped using GBS and phenotyped for grain yield and yield component traits and stripe rust resistance at three locations. The data was used for a genome wide association study and important marker-trait associations were identified.
Dataset / Software
Nov 11, 2016
Sukumaran, Sivakumar; Crossa, José; Jarquín, Diego; Lopes, Marta; Reynolds, Matthew P., 2016, "Genomic and pedigree prediction with genotype × environment interaction in spring wheat grown in South and Western Asia, North Africa, and Mexico", hdl:11529/10714, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V2
Increases in genetic gains in grain yield can be accelerated through genomic selection (GS). In the present study seven genomic prediction models under two cross validation scenarios were evaluated on the Wheat Association Mapping Initiative population of 287 advanced elite lines...
Dataset / Software
Oct 30, 2018
Poland, Jesse; Dreisigacker, Susanne; Shrestha, Sandesh; Wu, Shuangye; Singh, Ravi; Mondal, Suchismita; Juliana, Philomin; Crossa, Jose; Rutkoski, Jessica, 2016, "Genotypic data from CIMMYT bread wheat breeding lines used in the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Applied Wheat Genomics", hdl:11529/10695, CIMMYT Research Data & Software Repository Network, V2
Genetic profiling of wheat breeding lines from the CIMMYT bread wheat breeding program was carried out over several years. Unimputed genotypic data in the VCF format (CIMMYT-2013-2018.hmp.vcf) for 91,680 markers are available upon request. We could not upload and publish the unim...
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