DArTseq-derived SNPs for wheat Iranian landrace accessions
Version: 3– Released: Wed Sep 21 12:02:15 CDT 2016
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Data Dictionary
Plain Text - 2 KB - 13 downloads
A description of the columns of information and header row information present in the DArTSeq SNPs csv genotypic results file.
Genotypic data
Plain Text - 2 MB - 7 downloads
Map file that can be used to visualize genotypic results in Flapjack. Please note that all markers are unmapped and their order does not reflect their actual relative positions in the wheat genome.
application/octet-stream - 44 MB - 16 downloads
DArtSeq SNP call data in a csv file that includes several quality parameters for the genotypic results.
application/octet-stream - 94 MB - 7 downloads
DArtSeq SNP call data stored in a Flapjack project format to allow immediate upload to the Flapjack software for visualization and analysis
application/octet-stream - 38 MB - 3 downloads
DArtSeq SNP call data in a tab-delimited text file. This can be used for uploading to Flapjack in conjunction with the map file. Please note that this matrix is inverted from the normal Flapjack format so the appropriate parameter must be changed in the Flapjack import tool.
Mapping file
Plain Text - 48 KB - 8 downloads
This file can be used to map between the DNA Sample ID used to identify samples in the DArTSeq genotypic results files and the GID (Germplasm ID) that is used to identify CIMMYT germplasm.
Adobe PDF - 188 KB - 3 downloads
DNA extraction protocol_for genotyping_CIMMYT.pdf
Adobe PDF - 85 KB - 4 downloads
Protocol used for DNA extraction prior to genotyping
SNP results - archive
Plain Text - 381 MB - 32 downloads
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Original SNP results recalled for Iranian landraces.

"DArTseq-derived SNPs for wheat Iranian landrace accessions", hdl:11529/10045