Evaluation of Tar Spot Resistance in 2011 in Guadalupe-Victoria, Chiapas
Version: 2– Released: Mon Nov 16 22:00:17 CST 2015
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BLUPs for the Tar-Spot_2011B_Guadalupe-Victoria_Chiapas trial.xlsx
application/octet-stream - 465 KB - 18 downloads
Best linear unbiased predictions based on phenotypic measurements for one season
Field map / Mapa de campo
Field map for Tar-Spot_2011B_Guadalupe-Victoria_Chiapas.xlsx
application/octet-stream - 37 KB - 10 downloads
Field layout for trial
Fieldbook / Libro de Campo
Fieldbook for Tar-Spot_2011B_Guadalupe-Victoria_Chiapas.xls
application/octet-stream - 763 KB - 2 downloads
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Original raw phenotypic data from the trial. Data time related to flowering time should not be used for analyses as there was a technical problem with the collection of these data.
Final report / reporte final
Reporte Final - Métodos, actividades, resultados, y conclusiones.docx
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Final report in Spanish / Reporte final en español
Germplasm and DNA Sample IDs
Germplasm used in Tar-Spot_2011B_Guadalupe-Victoria_Chiapas.xlsx
application/octet-stream - 41 KB - 14 downloads
A file that links the testcross modified hybrids used in the phenotypic experiment with their parents and the DNA samples associated with their male genebank accession parent
Management sheet / Hoja de manejo
Hoja de manejo de localidades CIMMYT 2011 Mancha de Asfalto.xlsx
application/octet-stream - 21 KB - 8 downloads
Field management sheet in Spanish / Hoje de manejo en español
Programa de Fertilizacion Tropicos.docx
application/octet-stream - 20 KB - 7 downloads
Fertilizer regimen in Spanish / Programa de Fertilizacion en español
Protocol / Protocolo
Tarspot complex (SeeD)-1-5_scale.docx
application/octet-stream - 1 MB - 11 downloads
Protocol for scoring Tar Spot resistance on a scale of 1-5
Tar Spot scoring details.docx
application/octet-stream - 12 KB - 9 downloads
Additional details related to Tar Spot scoring in this trial
Weather data / Datos climáticos
Weather data-PORTACELI.xlsx
application/octet-stream - 24 KB - 8 downloads
Weather data from a nearby station at Portaceli
Weather data-VILLAFLORES.xlsx
application/octet-stream - 28 KB - 5 downloads
Weather data from a nearby station in Villaflores

"Evaluation of Tar Spot Resistance in 2011 in Guadalupe-Victoria, Chiapas", hdl:11529/10031