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International Wheat Yield Partnership Research Data
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Populations Axiom SNPs Data - John Innes Centreby Griffiths, Simon; Wingen, Luzie; Edwards, Keith

The Breeders' 35K Axiom® array results for the following populations: ParagonxBaj, ParagonxBKACHU, ParagonxCIMCOG47, ParagonxCIMCOG49, ParagonxCIMCOGSynthetic, ParagonxMISR1, ParagonxPFAU, ParagonxSUP152, ParagonxWaxwing, ParagonxWYAL, WeebilxCIMCOG03, WeebilxCIMCOG26, WeebilxCIMCOG32, WeebilxCIMCOG49 and WeebilxCIMCOG53.

Last Released: Nov 5, 2017
Phenotyping protocols used at Wheat Physiology, CIMMYTby Reynolds, Matthew; Pask, Alistair ; Mullan, Debra ; Pietragalla, Julian

This study includes two manuals that describe the use of diverse phenotyping techniques for applied crop research, with an emphasis on the methods commonly used at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). Volume 1 (Interdisciplinary Approaches to Improve Crop Adaptation) outlines the basic theory behind physiological traits and Volume 2 (A Field Guide to Wheat Phenotyping) provides guidance on the accurate and reliable measurement of these traits throughout the wheat crop cycle. Additionally, other protocols not included in the manuals are provided in the present study.

Last Released: Nov 3, 2017

Climatic data reported during the wheat cycle in Obregon (IWYP Hub) in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. Variables reported: average, maximum and minimum daily temperature (°C), precipitation (mm/day), daily relative humidity (%), evapotranspiration (mm/day) and average solar radiation per day (W/m2 and MJ/m2). The data presented in this study was collected from the meteorological station in the 910 section of the CIMMYT experimental fields in Obregon, Sonora (Mexico). This station is run by the Geographical Information Systems Unit at CIMMYT, lead by Kai Sonder.

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Last Released: Nov 3, 2017

Field trials and phenotypic traits matrices corresponding to IWYP activities in Mexico in seasons 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 in Obregon, El Batan and Toluca.

Last Released: Nov 3, 2017

The IWYP Hub based in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, offers an array of services, technology, and germplasm resources to IWYP Partner and Aligned projects.
This study provides general information about the Hub, as well as descriptions of several germplasm populations being utilized within the IWYP project.
For more information about the IWYP Hub, please contact the IWYP Hub Coordinator, Dr. Jacinto Gimeno:

Last Released: Nov 3, 2017